guided energy medicine

what is guided energy medicine?

Lia’s transformative work revolves around Guided Energy Medicine, a lineage of quantum transformational healing and spiritual counseling. This unique approach taps into a powerful frequency that brings profound physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. Guided Energy Medicine is more than just a healing modality; it’s a path of awakening that can catalyze deep personal transformation.

Through Guided Energy Medicine, Lia engages in shamanic energy work, operating within the intricate energy field surrounding our bodies. This field holds the imprints of our past, the remnants of traumas, ingrained programming, and conditioning from ancestral timelines. Through this practice, Lia skillfully unravels the root causes of stagnation and impediments in her clients’ lives, empowering them to move forward with newfound clarity and purpose.

One of the potent tools within this lineage is Core Belief Work, a transformational practice assisting in removing limiting beliefs from the subconscious mind, energy field, and all layers of one’s being. This process facilitates the embodiment of one’s true potential on their own journey.

Guided Energy Medicine is not just an advanced form of shamanic energy medicine; it’s a beacon of hope and transformation for those seeking to heal, grow, and embrace their fullest potential. Lia’s expertise in this profound practice is an invitation for you to explore the depths of your own healing and spiritual journey, guided by a dedicated practitioner who understands the transformative power of energy medicine.

universal shamanism

While Lia is not a Shaman, she practices Guided Energy Medicine which is deeply rooted in Universal Shamanism — an ancient path of healing that seeks to restore the spiritual and energetic aspects of being and bring balance to our planet and those we serve. Extending back to prehistoric times, evidence of shamanic practice has been found all around the world. Universal Shamanism is a profound, timeless wisdom accessible to people from all backgrounds, cultures, and belief systems. At its heart, Universal Shamanism is about bringing light to the darkness, a concept reflected in the origin of the word ‘Shaman,’ which means ‘one who sees in the dark’ or ‘Spiritual Healer.’

Universal Shamanism is not confined by any specific culture, tradition, or era; instead, it embodies the shared spiritual essence inherent in all humans. Just as all ancient spiritual practices revolve around a connection to nature, Universal Shamanism guides us back to the natural healing rhythms of creation. Through this path, we rediscover our true nature, reconnect with the natural world, and realign all aspects of ourselves with the Source of all Creation.

Guided Energy Medicine, which Lia practices, is firmly grounded in the principles of Universal Shamanism. It emphasizes the interconnectedness of all existence, including the bonds between source consciousness, the spirit realms, and our earthly reality. By weaving together the wisdom of Universal Shamanism with her practice, Lia brings a profound depth of healing and transformation to those she serves.

This path of Universal Shamanism is open to people of all faiths, backgrounds, genders, and walks of life, as long as they approach it with sincerity in their hearts. It invites everyone to embrace their innate shamanic gifts and abilities, as we all carry the legacy of shamanism in our ancestral lineages. Lia’s work is a testament to the power of Universal Shamanism and its capacity to usher in the light, fostering healing not only for individuals but also for our communities and the planet itself.


energetic alignments

As a facilitator of Guided Energy Medicine, Lia uses Divine Communication and accesses an altered state of consciousness to connect to your higher self and her divine team to identify points of energetic blockages that may be obstructing ease and flow throughout your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual fields. Once these areas are determined, Lia acts as a conduit for the divine team to use sacred energy to clear, fine-tune, and/or eliminate any barriers to bring back balance to the mind, body, and soul. This process is called alignment, which can transform many aspects of your being, such as:

Physical Transformation

Cultivate an enhanced well-being for your physical self.

Mental Transformation

Achieve solace and reach a positive state of mind.

Emotional Transformation

Balance your inner mind-states for peace and fortitude.

Spiritual Transformation

Reach a divine state of being that connects you with your soul’s path.

Energetic Transformation

Cleanse, balance, and protect your energetic fields.

Self Transformation

Find peace and solitude within yourself and awaken your inner child.


what to expect

All sessions are facilitated remotely through a face-to-face Zoom meeting. Long-distance energy balancing works the same as being in person, except the energetic connection and conversation take place remotely. An alignment can create deep shifts within your being, so you’ll want to come prepared and in your most open mindset in order to receive the highest benefits. Alignments are very gentle, but the results can be dramatic. It can take 7-10 days for any new or shifted energy to integrate into your being. During this time, you may experience physical or mental shifts and may feel uplifted and receive new insights.

Here are some tips on how to set your intentions for a session, how to set your space for the alignment, and what to expect afterward.

Setting Intentions

Set an Intention

When setting an intention for your alignment, consider anything physical, emotional, mental, energetic, or spiritual that you’d like to address in the session. Or instead, call in something you’d like to celebrate. If you can’t think of something specific, don’t worry, we can always call in whatever the divine team deems for your highest and best.

Alignment Session

Prepare for Alignment

With your Zoom information at hand, prepare your space to be free of all distractions (phone notifications, children, pets, etc.) and set up a place you can comfortably lie down (preferred) or sit during the alignment portion. Come with an open mindset and a curiosity for this sacred work. Please join the Zoom meeting promptly to get the full benefits of your session.



As your energy shifts and integrates after your alignment, remember to be gentle with yourself for several days afterward. Get plenty of rest, stay hydrated, spend time in nature, meditate, take Epsom salt baths, and pay attention to the little things that shift in your life. Then, be sure to journal about any new changes or insights that become clear.

client testimonials

NOTE: Testimonials reflect individual experiences and results are never guaranteed.

“I have scheduled alignments with Lia at times that I felt stuck, overwhelmed, or just needed a shift in my energy. My sessions with Lia have been a mix of relaxing, energizing, and magical. Her intuitive gifts and guidance have helped me to gain more clarity, support my growth, come back into my power, and regain my sense of balance. She has a very welcoming energy and caring presence.”
— Sara Nicole

“I was suffering from low back pain that wavered from mild to intense, making daily activities difficult or at times, impossible. In a single, calming session with Lia, my back pain vanished. I arose from the session able to move easily and free of back pain entirely. I went into the session expecting some relief but I was in no way prepared for how fully just one session could alleviate the discomfort I was feeling. I have had a couple of other sessions with Lia since, for other issues, and every one has been an awakening experience for me.”
— Lee D.

“The limiting belief that Lia resolved was not one I was expecting or aware of, but in the days after it unfolded lots of childhood experiences that I needed to work through. The alignment from Lia helped my mind be calm enough for the coming days to work through beliefs that were ingrained in me since childhood. Lia’s alignment sessions are always magical and full of insights and healing.”
— Girum W.

“Lia has beautiful calming energy. When you are in her presence, you feel safe and nurtured. She has a quiet yet powerful way of making you feel comfortable to find your own guidance, while using her magic to help bring you closer to Spirit and your healing. She is a powerful healer and I feel so grateful and blessed to work with her.”
— Ariela HaLevi

“What a wonderful experience it is to have a session with Lia. She has a grace about her that puts you at ease right away so you can relax and fully experience the session. Her gifts really come through making for an experience that is just magical.”
— Michael O.

“I wasn’t sure what to expect during the session but really enjoyed it and saw how everything tied together at the end. We started by talking through what I was hoping to focus on during the session, and I felt supported and heard in voicing some frustrations I’ve been having in a few areas of my life. Lia helped me to identify and clear some limiting beliefs, and created a physical shift that I have been aiming for for a long time but had never felt before (but have felt especially after the session). During the deeper alignment work, she also identified 3 of the guides I’ve been working with this year without me saying anything, and the songs they had chosen for the session were each meaningful and helped to facilitate deeper healing. Overall the session reaffirmed a sense of trust and safety and helped me see AND feel that the compassionate realm is really right by our side to support us.”
— Gianna Sinopoli

“Lia is a very intuitive medium healer. Every time I have received an alignment from her, my soul feels healed and my energy field is changed. During my first session with Lia, I was able to break all the energetic chains that were holding me back from doing what I chose for my life path. It was a very emotional and freeing experience for me. I am very grateful to Lia for being a channel for my soul healing.”
— Magdalena Julita Byra

“I loved my alignment. What a pleasant and magical experience. I felt amazing afterwards and loved how our experiences with the colors, the bee, and the chakras moving in different directions were co-experienced. How neat was that! The whole alignment was gentle and magical.”
— Natalie Harris


guided energy medicine