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“What a wonderful experience it is to have a session with Lia. She has a grace about her that puts you at ease right away so you can relax and fully experience the session. Her gifts really come through making for an experience that is just magical.”
— Michael O.

“I was suffering from low back pain that wavered from mild to intense, making daily activities difficult or at times, impossible. In a single, calming session with Lia, my back pain vanished. I arose from the session able to move easily and free of back pain entirely. I went into the session expecting some relief but I was in no way prepared for how fully just one session could alleviate the discomfort I was feeling. I have had a couple of other sessions with Lia since, for other issues, and every one has been an awakening experience for me.”
— Lee D.

“Lia is a very intuitive medium healer. Every time I have received an alignment from her, my soul feels healed and my energy field is changed. During my first session with Lia, I was able to break all the energetic chains that were holding me back from doing what I chose for my life path. It was a very emotional and freeing experience for me. I am very grateful to Lia for being a channel for my soul healing.”
— Magdalena Julita Byra

“The limiting belief that Lia resolved was not one I was expecting or aware of, but in the days after it unfolded lots of childhood experiences that I needed to work through. The alignment from Lia helped my mind be calm enough for the coming days to work through beliefs that were ingrained in me since childhood. Lia’s alignment sessions are always magical and full of insights and healing.”
— Girum W.

“Lia has beautiful calming energy. When you are in her presence, you feel safe and nurtured. She has a quiet yet powerful way of making you feel comfortable to find your own guidance, while using her magic to help bring you closer to Spirit and your healing. She is a powerful healer and I feel so grateful and blessed to work with her.”
— Ariela HaLevi

“I have scheduled alignments with Lia at times that I felt stuck, overwhelmed, or just needed a shift in my energy. My sessions with Lia have been a mix of relaxing, energizing, and magical. Her intuitive gifts and guidance have helped me to gain more clarity, support my growth, come back into my power, and regain my sense of balance. She has a very welcoming energy and caring presence.”
— Sara Nicole

“I loved my alignment. What a pleasant and magical experience. I felt amazing afterwards and loved how our experiences with the colors, the bee, and the chakras moving in different directions were co-experienced. How neat was that! The whole alignment was gentle and magical.”
— Natalie Harris

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  • High Vibrational Teas

High Vibrational Teas to Enhance Alignment

In addition to facilitating Guided Energy Medicine, I also have a passion for utilizing plants and herbs to support natural healing and balance. Herbs and plants provide us with an innate wisdom that has been passed down for thousands of years. They have been key players in healing for centuries, offering a powerful array of...

  • Strategies for Building a Dependable Self-Love Practice

Strategies for Building a Dependable Self-Love Practice

If you want to build up self-love, the first thing you have to do is purification. The reality is that most people have picked up a lot of wild and irrational beliefs, values, and attitudes that are not real. They cause a lot of damage. There are also a lot of physical toxins in the body from an unclean environment...

  • Condition Your Mind to Think Positive to Fulfill Your Dreams

Condition Your Mind to Think Positive to Fulfill Your Dreams

Everyone says that nothing is impossible. But do they actually believe it? If you really want everything to be possible, you must start believing it. You’d be surprised by the power that belief has in life. You can make everything possible if you condition your mind to think so...

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