High Vibrational Teas to Enhance Alignment

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In addition to facilitating Guided Energy Medicine, I also have a passion for utilizing plants and herbs to support natural healing and balance. Herbs and plants provide us with an innate wisdom that has been passed down for thousands of years. They have been key players in healing for centuries, offering a powerful array of therapeutic, energetic, and spiritual actions that can provide the framework for deep healing. All we need to do to heal is trust and get back to those roots. Many years ago I founded Spirit Healing Tea with the aim to make healing easier by pre-blending loose leaves, herbs, fruits, flowers, and sea greens that work together to detoxify the body’s organs and help strengthen its natural healing abilities. Most recently, I have started developing a new line of High Vibrational Teas to enhance spiritual healing.

High Vibrational Teas by Spirit Healing Tea

While most of the herbs and blends curated by Spirit Healing Tea are naturally suited for both physical and spiritual healing, my High Vibrational Teal line is specially created to vitalize your energetic field for higher awareness and deep spiritual healing. As an added benefit, each tea’s artwork has been divinely channeled to enhance alignment. Currently, there are two teas available in this line: Heart & Soul Tea and Higher State Tea, which you can read more about below. Whether you’re new to your spiritual journey or are ready to amp up your awareness, these teas are ready to support you in a gentle, encouraging way.

Heart & Soul Tea by Spirit Healing Tea

Heart & Soul Tea

Open Your Heart to the Divine

Go within to see your heart’s true path. This spiritual tea blend raises your heart’s vibration to allow you to connect with your higher self and open your world to the divine. At the center of life itself is love and that’s where the heart and soul reside.

Heart-Centric Herbs for Spiritual and Emotional Self-Care

In a modern, fast-paced society, it is easy to lose track of our emotional well-being. Our energetic body constantly sends subtle signals, which are important to pay attention to in order to support our overall vitality. The combination of herbs in our Heart & Soul Tea are grounding and provide wonderful support for our spiritual heart and heart chakra. These heart-opening herbs can give us a sense of protection, allowing us to be more open for love, compassion, and guidance.

  • Hawthorn is a heart protector, nourishing, calming and strengthening our natural being while gently encouraging confidence.

  • Linden soothes sadness, heartache and overwhelm, and promotes relaxation and peace.

  • Tulsi / Holy Basil relieves stress and entices calm and vitality while opening the spiritual heart and perceptivity.

Higher State Tea

Higher State Tea

Stimulate a Higher Connection

Higher State Tea nourishes your body while making it easier for you to connect with your divine team. This blend uses a potent mix of mineral-rich herbs, such as magnesium and silica, that boost your vibrational energy. Giving yourself to love will take you to a higher state of awareness.

Improve Electrical Conductivity

In order for our bodily functions to communicate to all of our cells in an optimal way, electricity needs to flow freely. Likewise, our bodies should be conductive to raise our vibration and commune freely with our divine team. The super-conductive herbs in our Higher State Tea blend are an effective way to remineralize and recharge your body and mind. Nettle Leaf, Oatstraw, and Horsetail are all rich in the minerals magnesium and silica, which are excellent for stimulating the electrical conductivity of the body. This smooth and uplifting tea blend may be the best tea for spiritual awakening, as it is a great way to get the essential minerals crucial for staying strong and connected to source energy.

More About Spirit Healing Tea

Hand-made in small batches by a Master Herbalist, Spirit Healing Teas are all-natural herbs and herbal blends that empower you to feel better. Herbs have the ability to boost overall wellness by improving your mind, body, and spirit. Our teas enhance the restorative process and empower self-healing to allow you to become more balanced, feel healthier, and connect with your own soul.